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bham_ana_mia's Journal

The Eating Disordered of Bellingham
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for the eating disordered in Bellingham, WA
This community does have moderated membership because I don't want a ton of people that don't belong in the community posting. If you'd like to be in the community just click to join. I will check your livejournal location so make sure it is set to something along the lines of Bellingham or Bham or something I'd recognize as being in Bellingham.

This community is pretty open to what we can talk about. I just want a safe haven for people with eating disorders in Bellingham, WA to come to vent/talk/complain/post pics/support/etc.

I don't care what your eating disorder is...

Binge Eating


I hope you can feel safe here. =)


1. ALL pictures MUST be under a cut. If you don't know how, ask! If your picture is not safe to view at work please write that in the post before the cut! NSFW!
2. NO community promos or ads. They're annoying.

...really I think that's all. I may add as time goes on.
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